Lansoprazole Sulphide Compound

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Lansoprazole Sulphide compound in India which is widely used in various pharmaceutical and biological products. Lansoprazole is a medication used for treating ulcers. Lansoprazole blocks the final stage of hydrochloric acid synthesis with decreasing of basal and stimulated secretion irrespective of irritator’s nature. This Lansoprazole Sulphide compound can be used as an intermediate in the preparation of various drugs.

Lansoprazole intermediate offered by us is 3-Methyl-4-[((2,2,2-trifluoro ethoxy-2-pyridinyl) methyl)thio] -1H-Benzimidazole. This intermediate is widely used in various drugs for treating various diseases like ulcers and GERD. Our range of Lansoprazole Sulphide compound is pure and completely safe to use. This compound is packed in high grade packing materials such that no reaction takes place between the material and the compound. We export these Lansoprazole Sulphide compound products in reasonable prices.

Mode of action: Lansoprazole Sulphide compound acts as a gastric pump inhibitor.

Molecular structure of Lansoprazole Sulphide Compound:
 Lansoprazole Sulphide Compound

Properties of Lansoprazole Sulphide Compound:

  • Name: 2-[[[3-methyl-4-(2,2,2-Trifluroethoxy)Pyridine-2-yl)methyl]thio]-1-H Benzimidazole.
  • Molecular formula: C16H14F3N3OS.
  • Molecular weight: 353.36
  • Lansoprazole Sulphide compound CAS 103577-40-8